Friday, September 5, 2014

My summer in a blink of an eye

 SO many wonderful experiences this summer that I have not made time to blog about.  I just cleaned out my camera and found a few photos of my summer and I borrowed a few from the Silver Creek Parties and the annual early Lewis birthday party.  If you have photos and or  would like to contribute on this blog, let me know and I'll list you as an author here!!

My parents came to visit me in Kenya!!!!!
 My dad is a cat guy. (even if he doesn't admit it out loud)

These people, along with my parents, made coming home very special....
...  Oh, and no,  they don't run around in their pajamas all the time; we had a pajama Christmas breakfast at the club house.
Milt and Ada

Deena and Fred


Louise and Gary

Mom and Dad

John and Karen

Rich and Bette

Marie and Vern


Bernie and Cy

Kay and Bill

Mardi Gras

Yup. They LOOK sweet and adorable don't they? 
These are the wicked fun girls of Arizona!



Mike and Chelle hearing a funny from Tim.

I have the BEST FAMILY!!!!

Connor Graduates from U.S. Air Force and gets stationed for additional training near me for a few months!!

 I love the Golden Gate Bridge (A photo without Fog!)

 This photo was taken down in Napa  after I had to cancel my own balloon flight due to fog up in Calistoga; I had 'ballooning envy'.  See the fog in the background?...they had to cancel too.

Balloon shadow

I found Amazing coffee is roasted at Yo El Rey in Calistoga, CA

THEN, I found excellent coffee at the Oxbow Market's Ritual Roasters.  Ritual Roasters will ship your coffee too you FREE of charge. Check it out...

                           Hog Island Oysters at the Oxbow Market in Napa.  Whether you like 'em on the shell or baked...YUM!

This stunning Peacock is a regular visitor at May and  Tim's. I would like to have Peacocks and Peahens in my backyard.  I have Wild Turkey's instead ... they came with the place.  The closer we get to Thanksgiving, the better they are looking to me.

A fellow balloonist landing nearby.

If you want to know about this graffiti - there was a not so pleasant place in Kenya called Naroc town After getting home to the USA, safe and sound, I see this graffiti in the Napa Valley.  It was so odd, kinda surreal.  I was happy to see the American flag as I looked a little higher in the sky.  The flag prompted the photo.

I think he looks like his mom, don't you?

These are the balloons that I love to fly!!!

I am trying to find out WHAT kind of flower this is!!!!!

The red grapes turned from green to red early this year in the valley.

New wines, new tastes.

comforting and warm
aromatic; wakes me up
it's my morning love


 August 28, 2014 EARTHQUAKE !!! This is my neighbors house, they weren't home.

 Check out the Oxbow Market for delicious slow food and paired wines.

Watching the balloons take off. A beautiful day to fly.

I'm really having fun learning to make Starbuck's beverages.  My co workers are the best!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

Home is where you are loved.

Last September (21st September 2013) the terrorists in Kenya attacked and ruined my favorite shopping mall in Nairobi, several of my friends were at the mall when the attack occurred.

My parents visited me in Kenya in October and advised me, in mild but convincing tones, that it was time to come home; home meaning the U.S.A.

A very dear friend and fellow pilot left Kenya the end of 2013 and a large hole remained in my heart long after his departure.

The company that employed me in Kenya informed me that my home would have to be shared with another pilot and his young wife. This literally cut my living space in half and reduced my coveted privacy to zero.

These are but a few of the things that happened in the three months prior to my unplanned departure of the country that I thought I would never leave.  The other happenings during this time period are too unpleasant to be written at this time.

I'm  back; back in the U.S.A.

Friday, March 28, 2014

How Calistoga received it's name...

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Samuel Brannan, and early day entrepreneur, landed in San Francisco in 1846.  Brannan wanted to develop a spa north of San Francisco where the hot springs flow; similar to the Saratoga springs in New York.
The story says that during a party Samuel meant to announce, "I'll make this area the Saratoga of California!" but twitched up his words with the help of some fine local wine and instead uttered, "I'll make this area the Calistoga of Sarifornia!"   Which is how this area became known as Calistoga.
The Indian Springs Resort was opened in 1862.

….and from Wiki;
Calistoga made national headlines in 1881 when Anson Tichenor claimed that he had invented a way to extract gold from the waters of the hot springs. Tichenor's invention was soon proved to be a fraud.
In 1920, Giuseppe Musante, a soda fountain and candy store owner in Calistoga, was drilling for a cold water well at the Railway Exchange when he tapped into a hot water source. In 1924 he set up a bottling line and began selling Calistoga Sparkling Mineral Water. The company became a major player in the bottled water business after Elwood Sprenger bought the small bottling plant in 1970 known today as Calistoga water Compay.

Wine, Water and Wellness…and of course Hot Air Balloon Rides over all of this!!!